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Who is InTu Mobility?

For over fifteen years, we’ve been helping businesses implement technology to transport and track goods more efficiently. We started out by helping companies develop efficient field mobility solutions. Our customized solutions incorporate the latest mobile software, hardware and wireless technology that kept drivers en route, collecting real-time data along the way and making it easier for workers in the home office to support customers better.

Over the years we’ve retained 100% of the business/relationships we developed with distributors, retailers, food and beverage manufacturers to name a few. Although they were thrilled with our mobile solutions we were repeatedly asked if we could help solve their diesel engine aftertreatment issues. We heard stories of trucks being stalled on the side of the road. Fleets spending days on end in the shop for diesel engine issues. Their maintenance costs were doubling and their engine problems never being solved. We realized our customers can have the most innovative technology to track goods, but if the goods aren’t being transported due to downtime, then we all have an even greater problem on our hands. We set out to find a resolution.

We recruited the most skilled heavy-duty diesel engine master mechanics from around the U.S. who worked for leading diesel engine manufacturers, and who played an integral role in designing heavy-duty diesel engines. We figured they knew diesel engines best. We gave them one task: find a permanent resolution to diesel engine aftertreatment issues. It wasn’t long before they did and test after test showed that not only did their solution eliminate aftertreatment issues, it provided predictive maintenance analysis to detect and prevent problems ahead of time, and it significantly improved fuel efficiency.

Today we’re proud to introduce Diesel. I.O – intelligent optimization for heavy-duty diesel engines that is 100% EPA compliant and reduces maintenance costs by 55%. We remain committed to keeping fleet on the road and out of the shop so they keep loads moving and data communicating from A to Z.


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Tony Horling

Tony Horling

Enterprise Mobility Expert / Founder



As a Mobile Technology Expert, I stay on the cutting edge of market trends for multi-layered and integrated solutions.

  • Expertise in future-facing mobile developments, such as Wearables, BYOD and MDMs.
  • Reputation as a “master agent” quoted in tech media (Vertical Systems Reseller, Beverage World, Business Solutions Magazine, Mobile Enterprise Magazine, and others).
  • Expertise in Transportation Logistics, POD, DSD, Field Service applications and other supply chain requirements.





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