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Advisors vs. Consultants: Who has greater impact on your bottom line?

The terms “advising” and “consulting” are often used synonymously to describe outsourced services but the differences, although subtle, have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Businesses today are finding that partnerships with advisors produce better results. Why? Advisors approach their relationships with clients differently. They collaborate with businesses long term and do not leave after a project is complete. Advisors also help companies uncover potential problems, give direction on how to solve issues, and utilize a bigger picture approach to ongoing challenges. These big differences ultimately facilitate a company in future-proofing their operation, increasing profits, and saving money


LongTerm: Help you deal with ongoing challenges

Strategists, align technology with company’s goals and processes

Active: Help clients with process improvements and accountability



Short-lived: specific solution for a specific problem

IT driven, sell systems, install and leave

Independent: Limited strategic involvement



Helping Our Customers


Average Project Timeline Decrease


Average Project Savings

Average ROI (Months)


Save Time and Money


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