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Why Delete Your DPF When You Can Optimize it Instead?

Mechanic deleting a DPF

Years into heavy-duty diesel emission regulations, the number one issue that fleets are still dealing with is ongoing aftertreatment failure. The primary culprit causing many of these issues is the diesel particulate filter (DPF). Designed to capture harmful pollutants, DPF’s frequently end up plugging and failing prematurely. Constantly dirty DPF’s also lead to progressive damage and failure of other aftertreatment components, such as the DOC, EGR cooler, sensors, and turbo. Altogether, this DPF problem leaves fleets with unnecessarily high maintenance and repair bills and excessive downtime.

cut muffler with platinum catalyst

The seemingly logical solution to the DPF problem is to eliminate the DPF. This can be done with a process known as a “DPF delete”. However, while this may appear as a simple fix on the surface the reality is much different. If you are struggling with maintaining your emission-compliant fleet, then Diesel IO has a legal and affordable solution. Don’t delete your DPF, Intelligently Optimize your fleet instead.

The Truth About DPF Deletes

The flat out truth is that DPF deletes, delete kits, and “flash” programs are illegal in the United States. If you are an emission compliant fleet in the U.S. that wants to remain compliant, deleting your DPF is not the answer in spite of your frustration. However, this is not the only problem with DPF deletes.

Downside of Delete Kits:

  • illegal in the US and many other countries
  • expensive
  • complicated to do correctly
  • requires mechanical modifications which violate manufacturer warranties and emission regulations
  • requires electronic modifications which violate manufacturer warranties and emission regulations
  • “deleted” trucks will not pass inspection
  • a “deleted” truck will not pass emission testing
  • deleted trucks commonly experience other aftertreatment related issues
  • large Federal fines for emissions violations

In spite of these significant downsides, we understand the desperation that many fleets face that leads them to be willing to consider DPF deletes rather than continue with unreasonable downtime and repair costs. If you find yourself considering a DPF delete, consider an Intelligent alternative instead.

Old way or new way?

DIESEL IO Intelligent Optimization

Diesel IO provides actionable, realistic, affordable training and consulting solutions to diesel fleets that aren’t willing to risk the downsides of delete kits, but absolutely need to reduce M&R costs and downtime. The fact is, with Diesel IO, compliance and efficiency go hand-in-hand.

Intelligent Optimization Advantages:

  • legal in the US and globally
  • priced to scale to any sized fleet, big or small
  • less than the average cost of a complete delete per truck
  • WON’T violate manufacturer warranty
  • DOES NOT violate emission regulations
  • Does not require ANY mechanical modifications
  • follows all manufacturer recommendations and guidelines
  • WILL improve efficiency
  • guaranteed to improve DPF function
  • Improves uptime
  • Reduces average repair cost

Intelligent Optimization provides training and consulting that teaches you how to maximize fleet efficiency. Diesel IO combines an application of manufacturer recommendations with industry best practices that can be easily integrated into any fleet.

If you are skeptical, we don’t blame you. Put us to the test. In less than 15 minutes, we can prove to you that you need Intelligent Optimization. Simply send us an ECM image, and we will provide a free, no-obligation analysis that will identify exactly how we can help.

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