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Diesel aftertreatment problems

  • Diesel exhaust filter problems
  • DPF (diesel particulate filter) problems
  • DPF issues / DPF failure / blocked DPF
  • Diesel engine regen (regeneration) problems

Seeing these symptoms in your diesel truck or fleet?

Diesel aftertreatment problems can show up as a variety of symptoms:

  • Poor mileage (mpg)
  • Reduced engine power / throttle response
  • Plugged DPF filters
  • Frequent parked regeneration (regen DPF filter)
  • Premature EGR or turbo failures
  • Diesel truck repair downtime
  • Diesel truck repair costs
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The real problem isn’t your DPF

There is a disconnect between the truck engine manufacturers and OEM truck builders. Engine manufacturers do provide a robust set of ECM (engine control module) parameters for their engines, but truck builders do not program the engine for the specific duty cycle of each unit. Many are unaware of the full capabilities of new low-emissions engines, and most benefit by providing aftertreatment-related repairs.

Letting this problem continue is like burning money

diesel truck repair

Fleet / vehicle maintenance

You’re paying diesel truck repair costs for turbo and EGR valve failures, and the cost of DPF cleaning. You’re also losing money for all of the downtime your trucks spend in the garage instead of working.
diesel engine regeneration

Diesel engine regeneration

Every parked DPF filter regen is time spent not moving. Each extra exhaust system regen decreases the service life of DPF filters, leading to premature replacement — or even serious damage.
better fuel mileage

Poor fuel mileage

Fuel economy (MPG) suffers for every mile driven with a misadjusted engine. Multiply that lost mileage over months for all the trucks in your fleet, and you could be looking at a lot of money.

Why waste more time and money? Get your truck engine or fleet optimized today.

Averages Based on Diesel I.O. Customers


Annual Decrease in Maintenance Cost

Miles Driven Before DPF Servicing Needed


Fuel Efficiency Increase

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