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Diesel I.O. Intelligent Optimization for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

  • 52% or better drop in diesel engine repair costs
  • Up to 71% less downtime across truck fleet
  • No more manual / parked regeneration
  • Better fuel mileage across fleet
  • Improve Aftertreatment/Emission system reliability
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What is Diesel I.O.?

Diesel I.O. Intelligent Optimization combines innovative, diesel engine software with unconventional calibration methods and training, to offer fleet managers and mechanics, a resolution that eliminates aftertreatment issues, provides predictive maintenance analysis, improves fuel efficiency and is 100% CARB & EPA compliant.

  • ECM efficiency audit
    • Guarantees that your trucks have been set up with the most effective parameters and features specific to your duty cycle
  • Advanced Predictive Diagnostics
    • Reduce repair costs and downtime more than 55% on average
    • Prevent large scale Aftertreatment/Emission failures
  • Aftertreatment Systems Maintenance
    • A modern maintenance approach to today’s modern engines
    • Reduce dealer reliance, improve in-house capabilities
    • Emission systems specific training and maintenance protocols
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What’s the Diesel I.O. process?

  1. Certified Diesel I.O. technician inspects truck visually, identifies its duty cycle.
  2. Tech accesses the ECM using manufacturer licensed, authorized software
  3. Tech analyzes pertinent Aftertreatment health data and current settings
  4. Tech identifies any pre-existing Aftertreatment issues, ECM programming issues, and checks for inactive and active fault codes
  5. Tech uses Diesel I.O. algorithms to make necessary adjustments to improve overall performance and efficiency of each truck based on the specific duty cycle.

Will Diesel I.O. Void My Warranty?

We’re often asked if implementing our Diesel I.O. solution will void a manufacturer’s warranty. The answer is no. To not void a warranty, all manufacturers require service to their engines be performed by diesel engine mechanics who participated in their training program and are manufacturer certified technicians. Our Diesel I.O.  Master Technicians hold many manufacturer certifications and are trained to service each specific type of engine produced by the manufacturer.

Here are more answers to commonly asked questions,

Typical ROI (return on investment): 3.5 to 9 months

diesel truck repair

Decreased repair costs

What would your monthly repair costs look like with no DPF cleanings, no DPF plugging, no stuck VGT Turbos and no EGR failures?
diesel truck repair time

Decreased downtime

Diesel I.O. decreases downtime by up to 71%. How much revenue loss is incurred, per day, when one of your units is down?
better fuel mileage

Better fuel mileage

Diesel I.O. will produce an increase in fuel economy from .2 mpg to 2.1+ mpg on every truck optimized. How much would that save your fleet?

Diesel I.O. works for these trucks

Blue Bird, CAT on-highway engines, Cummins on-highway/off-road engines, Detroit on-highway engines, Dodge (RAM 2500 & Up), Ford (Covers diesel F250-F750), Freightliner, GMC (C, T, & W Series), Hino, International, ISX, Kenworth, Mack, Mercedes, Paccar PX, Peterbilt, Sterling, Thermoking, UD (Nissan Diesel), Volvo, Western Star.

What Diesel I.O. does not do

  • Diesel I.O. does not void the original manufacturer warranty on the engine.
  • Diesel I.O. does not violate any emissions standards to your zero-emissions engines.
  • Diesel I.O. cannot help units that are 2006 and older or retro-fitted with A DPF.

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