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Diesel I.O.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Diesel I.O Intelligent Optimization?

Diesel I.O. Intelligent Optimization combines innovative, diesel engine software with unconventional calibration methods and training, to offer fleet managers and mechanics a resolution that eliminates aftertreatment issues, and provides predictive maintenance analysis. It improves fuel efficiency, is 100% CARB & EPA compliant and will not void manufacturer warranties.

What problems does Diesel I.O solve for heavy-duty trucks?

A truck that has been optimized by our Diesel I.O, solution, will be more efficient and reliable. Trucks will have fewer breakdowns, de-rates, check engine lights, better fuel mileage and their Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and aftertreatment components will not fail prematurely. Owners and fleet maintenance personnel will notice a 10 – 15% increase in fuel economy and up to a 55% reduction in annual maintenance on average in annual maintenance costs.

What can our service team expect from Diesel I.O.?

Diesel I.O.will help your in-house service team improve their diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities. As part of the intelligent optimization process, our manufacturer certified technicians will train your team on how to predict and prevent engine failures. Your team will become less reliant on dealers and OEMs for maintenance by solving issues ahead of time and in-house. As a result, your trucks will spend less time in the shop and more time on the road, adding greater profit back to your bottom line.

How does Intelligent Optimization work?

The Intelligent Optimization process starts by understanding the issues your trucks are having, and the steps you have taken to address the problems. Second, we ensure that your trucks’ ECMs (Electronic Control Modules) have been programmed properly. Improper dealer ECM programming is the #1 cause of ongoing aftertreatment related repairs and maintenance. Our ECM P.A.S.S. Audit will identify any and all opportunities to improve the efficiency of your truck such as:

  • Duty cycle and use
  • Does the truck have the correct ECM programming for its specific duty cycle
  • General aftertreatment health
  • DPF health
  • Regeneration effectiveness
  • Any red flags regarding aftertreatment health or general maintenance procedures

Once we’ve reviewed the information we’ve gathered and made sure your team understands how we can resolve your aftertreatment problem and improve your efficiencies, we’re on to the next step in the process: blueprinting. During the blueprinting phase, we design blueprints for your fleet and your duty cycles so that you and your team can manage your trucks day to day. Last we provide comprehensive training that will empower your fleet team to better maintain your trucks on their own which will drastically reduce aftertreatment related repairs and maintenance costs.

Doesn’t my dealer already program our ECMs?

Usually not. That is why we start with an ECM audit and identify if your ECM is properly programmed, according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. Our Intelligent Optimization process is designed to solve the problems you’re experiencing, as well as the problems we can identify during an ECM audit. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution, every optimization process is unique. Some trucks have some programming done correctly and just need a few additional changes. Some trucks have ECM’s that are completely lacking the basic features and parameters to allow your aftertreatment to work properly. Send us an ECM image and within 48 hours we will be in contact to let you know if your ECM has been programmed properly and how your truck’s engines can be improved. Chances are if your OEM had properly programmed your ECM then your trucks wouldn’t be having the same ongoing issues.

I was told that messing with my ECM will void my warranty. Is this true?

No. Our Diesel I.O. solution will not violate your original engine manufacturer warranty or any EPA/CARB emission regulations. That’s because our master mechanics are all manufacturer certified technicians trained by the manufacturers on each specific type of engine.

Any ECM programming recommendations we make are based 100% on manufacturer recommendations and only applies to your “owner accessible” features and parameters. Unlike other “super tuner” programming companies out there, we will not make any recommendations or changes to any features or parameters that are locked out by the manufacturer, or that would be considered “tampering” by the EPA.

How long will it take for us to see improvement in our trucks after the ECM is programmed properly?

Installing the correct ECM programming on your truck will immediately improve its ability to regen and maintain a clean DPF filter. Depending on the pre-existing condition of the aftertreatment, this will result in noticeable improvements in performance and efficiency.

Over time, depending on the pre-existing condition of the aftertreatment system, and assuming that the duty cycle is consistent, you will begin to notice a reduction in repairs and check engine lights, and an improvement in fuel economy well within the first couple of months.

Is your team certified to work on our trucks?

Yes, our master mechanics are manufacturer certified technicians have helped develop the range of solutions we provide. Additionally, our Lead Efficiency Engineer was part of the Cummins field testing team that developed today’s modern aftertreatment system, which is why our understanding and application of this modern technology is unmatched in the field.

Do the manufacturers support your solution?

Any ECM changes that we recommend are based on your manufacturer’s own recommendations. We will provide you with the documentation directly from the manufacturer so you can make an informed decision about whether or not this makes sense for you. Furthermore, our technicians are certified by the manufacturers. Any work they perform will not void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Is Diesel I.O basically just a calibration (CAL) update?

No. Calibration updates are an important part of making sure your truck is running properly, but ECM programming is different. While our intelligent optimization findings and recommendations may include performing a calibration update, they will also include recommendations to make specific, and custom changes to your owner accessible features and parameters which will improve the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your truck.

If we have an in-house fleet maintenance team, can they be trained to support Diesel I.O.?

Yes, we recommend and will customize training based on your team’s experience level. We can teach technicians without formalized training in diesel repair, how to utilize Diesel I.O.’s  P.A.S.S. system to monitor their trucks and identify potential issues. We will also train your team on how to use the Diesel I.O. blueprints for each truck and duty cycle to keep your fleet running at its optimal best.

What support do you provide after the initial service?

Once you have the correct efficiency blueprint installed on your ECM, you won’t need to change it again unless the duty cycle changes drastically. Your fleet maintenance team will receive Tech Efficiency Training which includes ongoing P.A.S.S. support so that your team will always be able to confidently apply their training and will know they have resources available if they have questions.

I want to try Diesel I.O. on my trucks. How do I get started?

Call us at 866-811-0110 or email us and let us know you would like to get started. Make sure to have the information below ready when you reach out to us.

  1. Year(s) and make of trucks
  2. Specific aftertreatrment problems your trucks are experiencing
  3. ECM images for 3-6 trucks (For a No Cost ECM Audit by our manufacture certified experts)

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