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Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

The retail industry has become more complex. With increased competition, more government regulations, rising fuel costs and increased customer demand, it’s never been more imperative for suppliers and retailers to work more collaboratively.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery) is particularly appealing for companies that require tight delivery windows for their products, and for smaller retail outlets (gas stations, convenience stores, drugstores, etc.) that need frequent replenishment. It has also become the favored distribution method in markets where freshness is important or product is produced locally — like beer, soft drinks, baked goods, and snacks.

DSD benefits everybody in the supply chain: manufacturers, retailers, and customers.

  • Retailers are able to reduce both capital investment and operating expenses
  • Manufacturers are able to increase their visibility into consumer behavior, sales volume, patterns, and etc.
  • Customers have the products they need when they need them

We can develop a robust Direct Store Delivery solution that includes:

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): route planning/optimization

Route Planning/Optimization

Serve customers better by streamlining delivery times. Routes that are optimized reduce distribution costs.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): pre-sales


Boost revenues and sales volume by providing sales teams with real-time customer and order information that improves their customer service and effectiveness in the field.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): merchandising


Reduce labor costs and ensure your products keep moving by having your supplier manage the merchandising.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): payment collection

Payment Collection

Improve store-visit productivity and the customer experience with the ability to collect cash, check, or credit payments, print invoices, conduct returns, and capture digital signatures.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): GPS monitoring

GPS Monitoring

Monitor truck locations and driver habits. Minimizing wasted time, fuel, shrinkage, or merchandise theft using geo-fencing and time stamping.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): proof of delivery (POD)

Proof Of Delivery (POD)

Automatically track inventory accurately, generate receipts and invoices, allow digital signature capture, and provide real-time visibility into deliveries.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): reconciliation


Scan remaining stock on truck accurately to understand inventory at the end of the day, and all details of payments and methods collected.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): mobile hardware

Mobile Hardware

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by investing in rugged/semi-rugged handhelds, mobile computers/tablets, and receipt printers.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): mobile device management

Mobile Device Management

Monitor, manage and secure employees’ mobile devices that are deployed to workers in the field.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): deployment and training

Deployment and Training

Increase user adoption and ROI by having us assist with deployment and training.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): technical support

Technical and Continued Support

Keep your DSD solution optimized and your operation up and running with our Tier 1 & 2 support, and post-deployment assessments and reports.

DSD (Direct Store Delivery): on-premise or cloud-based

On-Premise or Cloud-Based

Choose the method that best fits your staff and organization.

Taking the First Step

To make an informed decision, you need expert advice.

Contact us via our website, by email or phone to schedule a time to talk. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and to give you food for thought as you explore investing in a Direct Store Delivery solution for your company.

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