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CHAPTER 3: 4 Problem Areas in Today’s Fleet Maintenance

Diesel Engine Fleet Maintenance: 4 Problem Areas in Today's Fleet Maintenance

Maintaining emission compliant diesel engines isn’t easy. Even dealers/OEM’s and modern technologies aren’t preventing engine failure and downtime. Find out why DPF cleanings aren’t solving the problem and are costing you more money. Learn what really needs to happen to prevent Aftertreatment issues from occurring, and how incorporating this one thing can save over $13,000 per truck per year on average.

In this chapter we’ll discuss:

  1. On-Board Diagnostics (OBD). Why it isn’t preventing issues
  2. Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs): Myth Buster: They don’t fail
    1. What the manufacturer says about DPFs
    2. Why isn’t my dealership fixing the problem?
  3. Manufacturer Warranties: How they’re ruining your maintenance budget
  4. Dealer Finger Pointing: The blame game you can’t win at

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