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Complete eBook: How the EPA’s Emissions Regulations Crippled the Trucking Industry: How to turn soaring maintenance costs into profits.

Diesel Engine Fleet Maintenance: Understanding Emission Regulation and Compliance

In our five-part series, we explore: the issues emission control features have caused on heavy-duty diesel engines, why the issues have gone unsolved until now, and the simple and guaranteed way to resolve aftertreatment issues once and for all.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why we wrote this eBook

  1. Understanding Emission Regulation and Compliance –
    • A background on emission regulation
    • How emission control features are tested
    • Simulation vs real-world measurements
  2. Emission System Failure 101
    • Why your emission-compliant trucks keep breaking down
    • The real reason emission control systems do not work properly
    • Electronic Control Module (ECM): So important, yet so over-looked
    • Guess who selects the calibration options for your fleet’s diesel engines?
  3. 4 Problem Areas in Today’s Fleet Maintenance
    • On-Board Diagnostics (OBD). Why it’s not preventing issues
    • Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs): Myth Buster: They don’t fail
    • What the manufacturer says about DPFs
    • Why isn’t my dealership fixing the problem?
    • Manufacturer Warranties: How they ruin your maintenance budget
    • Dealer Finger Pointing: A no-win situation
  4. Properly Optimized Fleet: The Before and After:
    • Diesel I.O. Intelligent Optimization
    • Your In-House/Dealer Optimized Engine vs Diesel I.O.
    • ROI: 55% reduction in maintenance, 10% reduction in fuel costs
    • Meet the Diesel I.O. “A-listers”
  5. Beyond Engines: Innovative Technology for the Efficient Fleet
    • Building the perfect mobile ecosystem for your fleet
    • Mobile Hardware, Software, Carriers, and Networking
    • Telematics and GPS
    • Routing
    • Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

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