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The Truth Behind How The EPA’s Emission Regulations Crippled The Trucking Industry

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In our five-part series, we explore: the issues emission control features have caused on heavy-duty diesel engines, why the issues have gone unsolved until now, and the simple and guaranteed way to resolve aftertreatment issues once and for all.

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Chapter 1: Understanding Emission Regulation and Compliance

In 2007 the EPA mandated all heavy-duty diesel engines include emission control features to help improve the environment. Eleven years later, these features have wreaked havoc on trucking companies.

Learn the behind-the-scenes on how these emission compliant engines are really tested, and why this matters when maintaining efficient fleet.

Chapter 2: Emission System Failure 101

Emission control features can be a real hassle for heavy-duty fleet owners and mechanics. Repairs related to these issues are costly and can reoccur over the life of the fleet. Worse yet, permanently fixing the issues is troublesome even for dealers and OEMs.

Find out the real reason emission control systems do not work properly and the area within a diesel engine that is so important, yet so often overlooked.

Chapter 3: 4 Problem Areas in Today's Fleet Maintenance

Maintaining emission compliant diesel engines isn’t easy. Even dealers/OEM’s and modern technologies aren’t preventing engine failure and downtime. Find out why DPF cleanings aren’t solving the problem and are costing you more money. Learn what really needs to happen to prevent Aftertreatment issues from occurring, and how incorporating this one thing can save over $13,000 per truck per year on average.

Chapter 4: Properly Optimized Fleet: The Before and After

If properly optimizing fleet can save a trucking company 10-15% in fuel and 55% in maintenance a year, why aren’t trucking companies experiencing this?

Find out the difference in how most dealers/OEMs and mechanics optimize fleet vs the method and technology behind the new Diesel I.O. Intelligent Optimization cost-saving solution.

Chapter 5: Beyond Engines: Innovative Technology for the Efficient Fleet

Maintaining an efficient engine is only part of a creating a harmonious trucking ecosystem. A properly designed ecosystem where technologies work in unison, starts under the hood, extends throughout your operation and over-the-road, and ends with satisfied customers.

Find out how Telematics, GPS, ELD and Routing can improve your operation, and what to look for when selecting a solution.

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