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Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions from Mist

Imagine an enterprise Wi-Fi solution — but one that’s based in the cloud and enhanced via AI to make it more predictable, more reliable, and more measurable.

Mist, a Juniper company, is using AI to revolutionize IT. While other vendors are trying to bolt AI on top of legacy platforms, Mist built an AI engine called Marvis directly into the Mist platform. They combined this with a modern, microservices cloud architecture to deliver unprecedented IT automation and insight into user experiences.

Save time and money with network automation – from deployment on Day 0 to troubleshooting on Day 365.


Mist Bluetooth® Low Energy beacons

Next, imagine if the rich location experiences you already know from apps like Google Maps and Waze were available indoors. Amazing, right?

Take a minute and a half to watch this video:

The potential of this type of enterprise Wi-Fi solution with virtual BLE beacons is breathtaking. Consider a few possible applications:

  • Mobile check-in
  • Mobile POS check-out
  • Location sharing
  • Wayfinding
  • Optimize routes and loading dock operations
  • Staff locator
  • Improve product placement based on traffic patterns
  • Coupons
  • Asset location
  • Warehouse guided product put-away and picking
  • Patient elopement
  • Security and emergencies
  • Track IV pumps, forklifts, and high value assets with Bluetooth® LE tags

Plus, all of this happens on a cloud-based, AI-driven network that’s more reliable and more cost-effective than traditional WLANs. 

Mist Wireless Access Points

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Mist Wi-Fi case studies

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Mist WiFi case study: Wonderful Pistachios

Wonderful Pistachios Gets Cracking
 with AI-Driven Wi-Fi

Wonderful Pistachios deployed Mist in five locations, supporting 500 employees in 33 buildings. The network supports all aspects of operations, providing coverage from the orchards to the packaging facilities and other corporate offices.

Mist WiFi: The Gap case study

Gap Inc. Transforms the In-Store Wi-Fi
 Experience with AI-Driven Networking

“Before Mist, we spent a lot more time troubleshooting.
 Now, we can slice and dice the data and see very
 clearly that we’re having a problem at a specific store.”

Mist WiFi case study: The Pet Shoppe

Top Pet Retailer Boosts
Customer Engagement

Mist’s automated event correlation makes life easier for them
 by eliminating manual tasks and easily identifying the root cause of problems

Mist WiFi case study: The Media Company

Mist Drives the New Wireless Network
 at Top Media Company

“Mist keeps things simple. It is simple for IT, and simple for
 our users. When it comes to network operations, there is
 nothing more beneficial than simplified operations.”

Taking the First Step

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