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Now offering cutting-edge Diesel I.O. Duty Cycle Optimization Technology.

Keep Your Trucks On the Road and Out of the Shop

The number one reason for Aftertreatment failure is improper set-up by the dealership. Each truck is different, but are programmed to general factory settings and need to be adjusted for specific work duties in order to perform at maximum efficiency.

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Over 10 years of research and development have gone into the Diesel I.O. Aftertreatment systems to create a more effective optimization solution to turn a “problem child” truck into the fleet’s most reliable, efficient, and economical truck. InTu Mobility can help you to improve your fleet by:

  • Improving Fuel Economy
  • Eliminating Premature DPF Failure
  • Predictive Maintenance of Turbo, EGR Systems, Aftertreatment, and Fuel Systems
  • Eliminating Unnecessary Manual Regens
  • Reducing DEF Consumption Rates
  • Ensuring EGR, DOC, DPG, & Turbo Functionality

What does this mean? We help your trucks see an average decrease in maintenance cost of 55% and an improvement of 10%-15% in fuel efficiency annually. Applied to each unit in a full fleet, this translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars saved per year!

Duty Cycle Programming

Duty Cycle Programming

No two trucks are alike, and each truck must be programmed for its specific application in order to run its best.

Driver Education

Driver Education

Teach your drivers to leverage engine technology to drive more effectively. Learn skills on idle time, driving hills, and more.

Aftertreatment Maintenance

Aftertreatment Maintenance

Learn to maintain Aftertreatment properly. Your in-house technician will become certified in our proprietary maintenance training.

Start Improving Your Fleet's Efficiency and Save Your Company Money

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