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InTu Mobility Releases eBook That Solves Diesel Engine Maintenance Mystery For Trucking Companies Across North America

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO (June 27, 2018) — InTu Mobility, a technology advisory firm that specializes in helping companies transport and track goods more efficiently, has released a comprehensive eBook that solves one of the most common heavy-duty diesel engine problems that almost all trucking companies and dealer mechanics haven’t been able to fix. The eBook entitled, “The Truth Behind How The EPA’s Emission Regulations Crippled The Trucking Industry: How to turn soaring maintenance costs into profits” was created for heavy-duty diesel engine mechanics and fleet managers. The five-chapter eBook exposes how the EPA’s emission regulations contributed to issues in the aftertreatment systems of diesel engines and why many OEMs and dealers cannot or won’t fix the problem. It reveals the one area of an engine almost all maintenance professionals overlook but is crucial to solve the problem permanently.

For over eighteen years, InTu Mobility, a field mobility technology firm, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, provided custom-designed field and enterprise mobility solutions to Fortune 1000 companies in the transportation and logistics industry. Last year the company expanded its offering when it introduced Diesel I.O., a heavy-duty diesel engine duty cycle blueprinting and training solution that eliminates aftertreatment related issues including plugged DPF filters, premature EGR or turbo failures, reduced engine power, to name a few.

“The answer is not that complex,” said InTu Mobility Founder, Tony Horling. “Every semi has a unique duty cycle, meaning their hauling experience differs from the next truck in a fleet. They may haul different items. The terrain they travel varies: some are going uphill, some have numerous start and stops, and some are hauling goods long distances over the interstate. And each driver is different too. If the engine isn’t calibrated for each truck’s duty cycle, the emission control features will wreak havoc on the aftertreatment system of an engine. Trucks start to experience poor mileage, reduced engine power, plugged DPF filters and frequently parked regens amongst other problems. We’ve permanently solved these problems through our Diesel I.O. solution. We created the eBook so mechanics and fleet managers can stop scratching their heads. Until now, they tried everything internally and through the OEM’s, but nothing has fixed the problem. The mystery is solved, just read the eBook.” Fleet maintenance professionals and diesel engine mechanics can download the eBook in its entirety or by chapter by clicking here: https://intumobility.com/ebook/

About InTu Mobility:

InTu Mobility is a technology advisory firm that specializes in helping companies transport and track goods more efficiently. Numerous Fortune 1000 companies turn to us for advice and support when investing in a comprehensive field mobility solution or when they’re experiencing repeated diesel engine problems. We go the extra mile in keeping our customers fleet on the road and operating efficiently. And we help them track and trace products along the entire supply and distribution chain. To learn how we can help you, visit us here: https://intumobility.com/

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Media Contact:
Karen Fleming
June 27, 2018

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