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InTu Mobility Introduces Diesel I.O., an Intelligent Optimization Solution for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO (October 16, 2017) — InTu Mobility, a technology advisory firm that specializes in helping companies transport and track goods, announced today the launch of its new Diesel I.O. Intelligent Optimization solution for heavy-duty diesel engines. The intelligent optimization solution was created by the nation’s top master mechanics and designed to eliminate complex diesel engines issues caused by emission control features and specifically aftertreatment systems. The launch of Diesel I.O. is taking place this week at The Risk Management Summit in Las Vegas.

Emission control features and aftertreatment systems added to diesel engines have been causing significant problems and soaring maintenance costs for trucking companies since 2007, when the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) mandated stringent standards to reduce emissions from on-road heavy-duty trucks and buses. Although many solutions have emerged through the years to help combat aftertreatment problems, OEMs are still routinely working to service fleet for plugged DPF (diesel particulate filters), premature turbo / EGR failure and constant checked engine lights, problems caused by aftertreatment issues. The unpredictable downtime and repair costs are crippling operations. Ten years after the mandate, the majority of companies that transport goods are still stranded, and with no resolution in sight.

“Yes, exhaust aftertreatment systems have accomplished their objective by reducing emissions,” said Tony Horling, founder, InTu Mobility. “But emissions systems create upstream & downstream problems. We’ve been helping companies work more efficiently in the field through mobile technology. When we heard the struggles our customers had with diesel engine aftertreatment issues we wanted to help, and brought-in the top master mechanics from around the U.S. to develop a solution. They created Diesel I.O.”

Diesel I.O. Intelligent Optimization combines innovative, diesel engine software with unconventional calibration methods and training, to offer fleet managers and mechanics, a resolution that eliminates aftertreatment issues, provides predictive maintenance analysis, improves fuel efficiency and is 100% EPA compliant.

Diesel I.O., Aftertreatment Solutions Director, Rob Seegers commented, “I’ve been working on diesel engines since I was four, first alongside my Dad, then years later for Cummins. I was privileged to be part of the field testing team when aftertreatment systems were being developed. Ten years is way too long for trucking companies to be dealing with aftertreatment and DPF issues that can be prevented. Working with InTu Mobility and their long standing reputation for helping fleets is something I am proud of. We go out to a site, set-up a Diesel I.O. pilot on 6-10 trucks, then come back in 30 days with the results. There’s nothing better than showing how aftertreatment problems can be prevented. Oh wait, yeah there is. When companies find out they can reduce maintenance costs by 55% and increase fuel efficiency by 10%-15%, I guess that is the cherry on top.”

InTu Mobility is kicking-off the launch of Diesel I.O. by offering $500.00 off its Diesel I.O. Pilot Program now through December 31st. Participants are under no obligation to purchase the technology if they do not see a significant savings after the 30-day evaluation. Fleet management and operational professionals interested in learning more about Diesel I.O. and the pilot program can call: 866.811.0110.

About InTu Mobility:

InTu Mobility is a technology advisory firm that specializes in helping companies transport and track goods more efficiently. For over fifteen years, we’ve helped fortune 1000 businesses identify, review, and implement the best technology solutions for their businesses. Whether it’s upgrading their proof of delivery (POD), installing their first route accounting system, or helping them identify the best electronic logging device (ELD) solution, we help companies implement the best solutions for their all needs. Our customized solutions incorporate the latest mobile software, hardware and wireless technology that keep drivers en route, collecting real-time data along the way making it easier for workers in the home office to support customers better. We now help companies reduce diesel engine maintenance and repair costs by 55%, and continue to reduce mobile technology project timelines by 41%. To learn more about how we can help you develop a more efficient transportation operation visit intumobility.com.


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