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Proof of Delivery (POD)

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Proof of Delivery (POD)

A comprehensive Proof of Delivery (POD) solution has become increasingly more critical as customers demand higher levels of service. Gone are the days when a POD solution needed merely to track the pick-up and drop-off of a parcel’s journey. Today, same-day delivery is close on the heels of next-day delivery, and shipments extend beyond parcel packages to any delivery that needs to be tracked ranging from pepperoni pizzas to penitentiary prisoners. In addition, customers have increased expectations. They expect to see their shipment en route, to be notified via text the moment it arrives and they appreciate details including photos regarding the condition it came in. Today a POD system is crucial to helping you secure repeat business and retain happy customers.  

There are many benefits a Proof of Delivery solution offers businesses of all sizes. In addition to pick-up, en route and delivery confirmation, POD systems help shippers trim time, distance and cost from shipping orders. Through better load and route optimization, real-time inventory and supply chain visibility, and seamless integration with enterprise software and hardware, a robust POD solution will give visibility from the floor to the door.

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Proof of Delivery checklist

What to look for in a robust Proof of Delivery solution

Since delivery tracking requirements vary from one business to the next, the most crucial aspect to consider when choosing a proof of delivery solution is to select one that is customized to the needs of your customers and your business.

Every solution we design for our clients takes into consideration:

  • Their budget
  • Their long-term growth initiatives
  • What they ship
  • Where they ship from and where they are sending to
  • Their workers in the field
  • Their customers
  • Their current and future supply chain software
  • Their current and future mobile hardware
  • The skill set of their IT staff
  • Many other factors

Essential components of a solid Proof of Delivery solution include:

mobile proof of delivery hardware

Mobile Hardware

Rugged mobile devices that are built to withstand inclement weather, drops, spills, and long shifts. Consumer grade can be substituted, however devices will need to be replaced more often increasing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the hardware purchase.
Proof of Delivery: Data Capture

Automated Data Capture

Eliminates paper records and manual data entry by scanning barcodes at the point of delivery which in turn are tied to the purchase order, warehouse inventory and billing systems.
Proof of Delivery: Electronic Reconciliation

Electronic Reconciliation

Collects and stores electronic signatures, and provides same-day invoicing by generating electronic receipts and invoices that are sent via email to customers upon completion of delivery.
Proof of Delivery: Real-time, Secure Communications

Real-time, Secure Communications

Wireless communication with an end-to-end encrypted system will provide up-to-date information to customers, field, and office workers while safely storing customer data and sensitive payment information.
proof of delivery gps tracking

GPS Tracking

Integrated location tracking lets customers and customer service know exactly where each shipment is and when it will be delivered. For federal workers who need to track federal hours of service or International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA), GPS helps them do so efficiently, accurately and in less time.
mobile proof of delivery software training

Mobile Hardware / Software Support and Training

Mobile solutions are only useful if they are rolled-out and supported properly. We highly advise against purchasing a POD software and hardware solution online.  Look for a company who provides onsite training, roll-out support, and who offers Tier 1 and 2 tech support.

Companies that have incorporated our POD Solution:

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MillerCoors logo
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Anheuser-Busch logo
References available upon request. E-mail us at info@intumobililty.com.

Taking the First Step

To make an informed decision, you need expert advice.

Contact us via our website, by email or phone to schedule a time to talk. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and to give you food for thought as you explore investing in a proof of delivery solution for your company.

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