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Route Accounting

As a distributor, most of your capital is tied up in inventory. Many companies today are running their distribution operation on old, legacy systems that are keeping them in the dark about sales and inventory. Without accurate real-time visibility into your warehouses, trucks, and customers, your business will miss key sales opportunities, waste money on spoiled products, and lack crucial insights that optimize your organization. Route Accounting is the key to effective distribution management. It helps you keep a close eye on everything from the front office to the warehouse to the field.

route accounting software

A comprehensive Route Accounting system will help your company:

  • Maximize Sales Opportunities — Provides up-to-date inventory, sales history, promotional data, and manages hundreds or even thousands of SKUs and variable pricing data.
  • Contain Route Delivery Costs — Monitor the costs of each individual route and analyze account service times, vehicle maintenance histories, and fuel and labor costs.
  • Automate Route Settlement — Reconcile daily route activities in minutes across the entire fleet—including deliveries, returns, and cash or check receipts.
  • Reduce Paperwork and Eliminate Error — Eliminate double-entering data since paper order forms, handwritten notes and changes no longer have to be translated and typed by back-office staff.
  • Gain Enterprise-Wide Visibility and Communication — Everyone that needs to has access to the same data, keeping everyone on the same page.
route accounting system

A comprehensive Route Accounting system will include:

  • Mobile route management
  • Load inventory verification and tracking
  • On-site stock and display survey
  • Delivery report and tracking
  • Tiered, chain, discount & allowance pricing
  • Returns and buy-backs
  • Invoicing and payment processing including credit card swipe
  • Signature capture
  • Barcode scanning, RFID support
  • Printing
  • Real-time invoicing
  • Company and independent operator reporting
  • End-of-day settlement and mobile server update
  • Reporting and analytics

All of our Route Accounting solutions include:

route accounting software

Route Accounting Software (RAS)

We offer many software solutions and will recommend what is best, based on your needs.

route accounting mobile hardware

Mobile Hardware Consultation and Selection

We’ll help you select the best mobile hardware for your operation from non-ruggedized to semi-rugged to full rugged solutions.

route accounting training and support

Training with Tier 1 & 2 Technical Support

We’re with you every step of the way, from rollout and training, through troubleshooting technical issues remotely or on-site.

Companies that have incorporated our Route Accounting solution:

Coca-Cola logo
MillerCoors logo
McCutcheon Enterprises logo
Anheuser-Busch logo
References available upon request. E-mail us at info@intumobililty.com.

Taking the First Step

To make an informed decision, you need expert advice.

Contact us via our website, by email or phone to schedule a time to talk. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and to give you food for thought as you explore investing in a route accounting solution for your company.

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