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Wireless Networks Sales Representative

Are you the type of person who has grown tired of the M-F, 8-5 work culture, where the anticipation of Monday morning makes you hate Sundays? Are you tired of that walk-of-shame feeling you get when you creep past your boss’s office after arriving late from a bad commute? Does your 2.5% pay increase feel like a decrease, and you notice it’s getting harder and harder not to voice your frustration when your sales manager realigns your sales territory (again), lessens the commission program, and rides your ass to log daily customer touches in the CRM system? If you’re feeling stifled by old-school sales structures, maybe it’s time to break free into independent sales?


Imagine working from home (not just during Covid19), and not having to set your alarm anymore, commuting past your bathroom to your workspace, where you can listen to your favorite podcasts freely from your speakers, or binge-watch Mindhunter while you chart out a path to sell wireless network solutions to food and beverage manufacturers, distributors and grocers all over the U.S. That’s right, the entire U.S.is your backyard! No more trying to beat additional sales out of an already saturated four-county sales territory. If you’re up to Amerigo Vespucci’ng it and mapping out a sales path in our uncharted area of wireless networking (and you help us close over 1M in business your first year), we might name a wing of our virtual office after you


If you have experience in territory planning, prospecting, relationship development, running sales cycles, pricing, presenting, negotiating, closing, and depositing a fat commission check every month, then we need to hear from you. If you are multilingual in mobile, wireless, networking, cloud, SaaS at a C-Level, and can talk geek with IT staffers, you could be a perfect fit. Last, if you thrive in a 100% commission-only program but with an annual gross income potential of well into six figures then, this is the job for you! This is a brand-new position we created with a TON of financial opportunity, and we’re looking to you to grow sales. Are you up for it?


We’re a well respected, award-winning mobile technology advisory firm headquartered in Fort Collins, CO. We help companies identify, review, and select mobile technology for their operation. We guide them down the right path, help them make the best purchasing decision, then train their teams, and provide technical support. We’ve recently added Artificial Intelligence/Wireless Networking to our portfolio of mobile tech solutions (see the full list here), thus the need for wireless network sales professionals.


The key to becoming a successful sales rep (above and beyond your God-given knack for selling) is having ample support. You’ll report directly to the CEO (who could have a huge ego from being known in the industry as the rock-star of field mobility tech but instead is a calm, level-headed mentor…no looking over your shoulder, no breathing down your neck). Working from within our virtual office, we will help you succeed. In addition, you’ll be supported by our full-service marketing department who will help you drum up leads, a sales support team who will help create proposals, a legal team that will draft contracts after you’ve brought in the big kill, and an accounting staff who will invoice customers and cut your fat commission checks! How fat? Read on!


We already mentioned this is a %100 commission-only position, but if you made it this far, you’re the type that thrives in a 100% commission environment, so let’s call a spade a spade: You’ll earn 40% of the gross profit from each sale. The average network solution sale is roughly $500,000. Now do the math. With an average margin of 25% or $125,000 you will earn $50,000. Sell six average priced solutions in one year and you’ll be earning $300,000 AND sitting back in your home office, binge-watching Netflix while your former colleagues are tip-toeing past their bosses office, nervous to ask for a day off. Speaking of days off, vacation time is unlimited. Just sell. Make your numbers, and we don’t care if you take the entire month of July off to go truffle hunting in Italy (just wait ’til this coronavirus thing passes).



  • Develop a thorough understanding of InTu Mobility’s complete suite of mobile tech and wireless network solutions
  • Research market, industry, competition and trends to determine best point of entry
  • Develop 12-24 month sales plan which defines market and industry condition, customer segments and key accounts, monthly and quarterly sales targets, strategies, methodologies and tactics, benchmarking and reporting
  • Co-develop marketing plan with the Director of Marketing
  • Prospect via phone, email, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, at your local gym or friend’s wedding (whatever works) to uncover new business opportunities and build a robust sales pipeline
  • Use tools like DiscoverOrg, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hoovers to identify and qualify decision-makers and CRM to log activities and track leads
  • Follow-up on every lead be it from a trade show, our website, an email blast, or a comment on our social media post, to uncover potential business opportunities
  • Articulate the technical, operational and financial benefits of our network solutions in an influential way that inspires prospective customers to ask questions and learn more.
  • Interpret customer requirements accurately to identify solutions that meet their needs.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues, partners, vendors, and manufacturers
  • Manage sales cycle
  • Prepare quotes and report on sales likeliness
  • Manage contract negotiations
  • Develop long-term strategic relationships with key accounts and ensure customer happiness

Wireless Network Sales Representative Requirements:

    • Minimum 3-4 years of sales account management experience working for a technology vendor
    • Wireless/Networking/SaaS/Cloud experience strongly preferred
    • Experience selling into a technical user base + C Level
    • Experience selling in both a direct and an indirect
    • Strong verbal and written communications skills
    • Works well in teams and harmonious environments
    • Hunter mentality-go after new business
    • Smart, adaptable and open-minded
    • BS/BA degree or equivalent experience preferred
    • Periodic travel
    • Ability to prioritize and multi-task numerous activities but remain immediately available for incoming calls.

Wireless Network Sales Representative Package

  • Competitive 100% commission-only compensation plan starting at 35% to 40% of the gross profit (commission percentage based on experience)
  • Continuous training and coaching
  • Necessary Certifications
  • Nationwide accounts
  • Very flexible hours
  • Work from home
  • Unlimited vacation days

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