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Reviewing your current business process is necessary when developing a solid mobile strategy. We start by conducting a thorough mobile business process review that will help us understand your current challenges and aid us in designing the proper solution. Mobile business process reviews can take place in a variety of ways: over the phone, online or onsite.

Onsite evaluations

Depending on the scope of the project and the level of consultation needed, the best way to conducting a business process review is often onsite.

Listening and gathering information:

Our mobility consultant will travel to your facility to research your project goals, learn more about your existing obstacles, review your current business process, collect budget requirements and evaluate end users and customer needs before developing a strategy.

Mapping out a mobile strategy:

After all the necessary information is collected,, our consultants begin mapping out a mobile strategy unique to your requirements. Our strategy will provide you with a comprehensive plan that takes into consideration your long-term plans.

InTu Mobility has been instrumental  in helping Manhattan Beer make the right decisions in our mobile technology advancements.  They have enabled us to take the best and most cost effective approach to improve on  inefficiencies in  our business process, and increase profitability in all segments of or mobile business. Their understanding of the solutions and vendors was invaluable when it came to getting the right software and hardware for Manhattan Beer; savings that exceed our findings or expectations.  NYC is a market that does not allow much room for error, and InTu Mobility has ensured Manhattan Beer as a leading edge company based on the direction they have provided.

Ziad El-Jamal

Director of IT, Manhattan Beer Distributors

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